Eye of the Tiger

Not to be on some resolution shit because I hate that shit. I feel more of a fresh start when the school year starts in August than in January. Lately, I’ve been really on some focused shit. Professionally, I am happy. I work at a school where I like the people and the kids are pretty decent. Plus, I live a mile away. So, that’s what’s up.

Financially, I am a work in progress. Sallie Mae or Navient or whoever the fuck they want to be today is still riding my hood, but Ima take care of that. I’ve been saving my coins and been more focused on mindless spending which is a HUGE problem for me. Last night, I went to Nordstrom Rack and didn’t spend a dime. I had some earrings (2 pairs) in the basket, but I said no. It was only gonna be like $20, but still. Like I said, I’m on some focused shit.

Personally, I’ve been on some truth with myself and others. Not the harsh, ugly type of truth, but the type of truth you tell someone without them wanting to bash your head in when you walk away. I have tact, love. I live in the South. My makeup skills are improving and my skin is getting clear at a glacial pace, but it’s all good.


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