Spring Broke

Spring Broke is just about over. It started out with a bang last Saturday. Did a 1-stop BBQ tour stop at a church’s barbecue stop and ended up at the Golden Nugget by nightfall. How did that happen? Didn’t win a single dime. The most I ever won was $370 and I hauled ass after that because I knew that wouldn’t have lasted long if I stayed.

I love casinos, not necessarily gambling. Casinos bring out the best-dressed yet worst-behaved people. The restaurants are usually awesome, the pool is usually fun and the bars have good drinks. After the casino was the 2 hour ride back to Houston, eyes were heavy and the day had defeated us.

After the bang, it has been quiet all week. I’ve been in the house chilling, watching TV, and taking naps which is cool. I’m sitting still because I need to watch my pocketbook. Miami is in June and I put myself on a…budget. I used to avoid that word. It sounds so limited, so drastic, so adult. The reality is that I’m spending too much and not saving enough. I have too much debt and not enough income. My credit score fucking sucks and I pay too much interest in the credit cards, car notes and other host of shit that I am financing.

It took a lot to type those last sentences. Usually, those are thoughts I push back in my head and ignore and pretend that it’s not that bad. So, I read a quote by Erykah Badu that said, “Write it down and watch shit get real.” Or something to that effect. I wrote down the current balance to my savings account and came up with a weekly (husband gets paid weekly) and month plan until April 15th). I am saving 10% of every paycheck and writing it down as a bill. Usually, I save whatever’s left (or nothing at all) which is nowhere near 10%.

Also, I am going to stop my husband from eating money up. He works a shift schedule and doesn’t like to pack a lunch, so he’ll go to Subway, Popeyes and other shitty fast food restaurants that are incredibly gross and cost too much. I’m a fat girl and I hate fast food. If I have to eat it because I didn’t pack a lunch,  I am pissed. I digress…he spends anyway from $40-$100 on lunch, late night snacks, etc.

Instead, I’m going to pack his lunch for him. (What a nice wife.) Sit my ass down instead of wandering the mall. Stick to my plan on paper and pray for patience, understanding and guidance.


Viva Las Vegas!

4th time is a charm.

Vegas and I have a love-hate relationship. I married in Vegas.I love the lights, sound, the seediness and the rare chance to strike it rich. I hate the overpriced drinks, crowds and guys with the “Orgasm Clinic” shirts passing out cards for hookers.

Massage, hours of sleep and a succulent buffet were the highlights of my trip. It was a blessing to go out of town with my family. I wish my husband could have went, but all is good in the hood. It’s amazing how profitable Vegas can be without changing anything. Some of the same shows that were there when I was 19 was still going on. How many times can you do the same routine?

I guess a check is a check.