The Need to Go

Back from Miami and it was great. It was relaxing, fun and exciting. Next year, we are going to LA. I enjoyed lots of Cuban food and drinks, met lots of Uber drivers and spent countless hours at the beach. The thing about vacation is not necessarily where you go (although it is important), but how you are so far away from home so you can’t do anything about it. The biggest concerns we had was dinner and how long we were going to lounge on the beach.

Now, I’ve been home and I am ready to go somewhere else. Destin, Florida or Wimberly, Texas. (I am a Texas girl.) I have this innate need to book a flight or a hotel or just get in my car and see something I’ve never seen before. Having a vacay to look forward to makes life a little more exciting. It’s easier to sacrifice a weekend at home when you have a flight to catch soon. Even saving money becomes fun as you watch your fun account increase every week.

My husband doesn’t want to go anywhere. I have to remember that I am off for the summer, not everybody else. Although, I wish he was off (paid, preferably) for 2 weeks, so we can travel. I do miss traveling with him.


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