The world is not enough…

My neighbor is a habitual violator. He parks his cars all over the cul-de-sac and even in other people’s driveways. On Saturday, I took the trash out to the curb for pickup. We keep our trash in a can on the side of the house. I noticed a garbage bag with Domino’s pizza boxes and Aquafina bottle. Hubbie and I are not a consumer of either brand. So, Mr. Neighbor must have decided to throw his trash in our can. What the actual fuck?

The world is not enough…

Summer vacation is in full swing. I only want to go to Destin, Dallas, Santo Domingo, Las Vegas and Bora Bora before I have to toil and work my life away in August. I just came back from Miami and here I am trying to go somewhere else even though my bank account is screaming at me to sit the fuck down. But I am hardheaded and I like to pretend I am socialite, I want to go already.

The world is not enough…


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