Instagram is the devil (for me)

On Sunday, I uninstalled the ‘gram from my phone. The pastor preached about fasting and how if something consumes all your time and energy that it becomes your god. I agreed with that 100% and knew what I had to do as soon as I got to my car. Like most people, I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I love the makeup tutorials, but hate the arguments in the comments. Had a MySpace, but I completely refuse to get a Facebook profile. Last summer, I decided to get on Instagram.

I waste a lot of time on Insta. I’ve noticed that I haven’t been reading, studying, completing my house projects or working on my charity work, but I had plenty of time to scroll my timeline. Now, I am not bashing Instagram or social media. I learned how to color correct my undereye bags and found some bad-ass restaurants because of the ‘gram.  I just noticed it was becoming a black hole of time for me. In a way, it was my god.

Today is Day 3 for me and I admit that I pick up my phone and look for that icon, but then I remember why I uninstalled it. So, here’s to finished novels, blessing bags for the homeless, organized bathroom shelves and learning sign language. Here’s to freedom.




Why is it so hard to make friends after college?

Speaking of that, I am 31 and most of my friends I talk to on the phone, but hardly ever see. Get this, we live in the same city. My best friend lives less than 10 miles away and I saw her 3-4 times last year. I get it that people have responsibilities, kids, families and all of that other shit, but if we are really cool, we are really cool. I mentioned this to her the few times I saw her, but now I am over it. It sounds petty as fuck, but I am going to put as much energy into you as you are into me. So where do people find friends? I found my husband on Craigslist and that worked out fine. Do I make an ad? Join a club? I’m confused.


Neon Lights


To enter; to divulge; to understand on an intimate level.

I want to be open about who I am. It only took 31 1/2 years. This blog is open for whoever needs it. Not too concerned with numbers, comments or likes.

I don’t have a plan. I never do. I usually scrap it from the beginning or veer off the path eventually. Fuck it. Why bother?

Neon lights are so beautiful. When you see them, it means something. It’s either a store is trying to catch your eye or you’re sweating at a rave in a basement. The lights intrigue me because it takes a lot of energy and special type of bulb to keep the light on. Isn’t that how life works?

Don’t we all need some energy and special type of ‘something’ to get us along?